Session: SLOBODA AND BUKOSKI ANNUAL SPR CUP (Society for Prevention Research 27th Annual Meeting)


Thursday, May 30, 2019: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
Bayview B (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
William Aldridge, Catherine Bradshaw, Bonnie Leadbeater and Zili Sloboda
14TH Annual Society for Prevention Research Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup

Significant advances in prevention science are often due to a team of individuals working closely together across many years. In recognition of the importance of the collaborative process to the field, the Society for Prevention Research (SPR) will sponsor a friendly competition amongst teams of early career researchers for the honor of bringing home the Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup. The Cup is named for two of the founders and long-time active members of SPR, Dr. Zili Sloboda and Dr. William Bukoski. The competition is an opportunity for a unique experience: several independent teams of scientists, each working with the same data set, problem solve together for a brief period of time and then jointly present the results of their work to each other and to a panel of senior prevention scientists and the SPR membership.


The competition will take place during the annual SPR meeting, May 28 through May 31, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. Two months before the meeting, each team will receive the competition data set. Leading up to the meeting, each team will conduct a literature review, generate hypotheses, conduct analyses, and thoroughly prepare for a 10-minute symposium talk on their results. Teams will present their results during a highlighted, invited symposium at the SPR annual meeting. A panel of senior prevention scientist judges and the audience at the symposium will rate the quality of the research work and of the presentation. The highest scoring team will be recognized and awarded the 2019 SPR Cup during the SPR Awards Ceremony.

Data Set

A public data set from the University of Michigan's Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) will be released to teams on March 29, 2019. The data set and SPR Cup theme will follow the 2019 conference theme: “Prevention Science in a Big Data World."

Team 1: Fashionably Latent. Hannah Tavalire, PhD, captain, Camille Cioffi,MS, Akhila Nekkanti, BS, Lorna Porter, MA, Jonathan Rochelle, MS; Dave DeGarmo, PHD, mentor. University of Oregon.

Team 2: Positively Skewed. Katerine Gerst, PhD, captain, Sarah Prendergast, MS, Kathleen Wendt, BS, Tara Klinedinst, MS, Reagan Miller, BS; Doug Coatsworth, PhD, Kimberly Henry, PhD, and James Graham, PhD, mentors. Colorado State University.

Team 3: Bayes of our Lives. Hannah Allen, PhD, captain, John Felt, PhD, Adrienne D. Woods, PhD, Natalia Van Doren, MS, Andrew Dismukes, PhD; Meg Small, mentor, The Pennsylvania State University

Team 4: Datum. Shane McFarland, Bs, captain, Klye Murphy, BS, Garrett Jenkins, BA, BS, Myah Houghten, MA, MPA, Marie Gray; BA; Brittany Cooper, PhD and Michael Cleveland, PhD, mentors. Washington State University.

Team 5: Bayes in Toyland. Mark Hammond, MPH, captain, Christopher Fleming, PhD, Aleksandria Grabow, MS, Jonathan Pedroza, MA, Maria Schweer-Collins, MA; John Seeley, PhD, mentor. University of Oregon.

Judges: William Aldridge, Jr., PhD, Catherine Bradshaw, PhD, Bonnie Leadbeater, PhD, Zili Sloboda, ScD

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