Session: Runaway and Trafficked Youth: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention (Society for Prevention Research 24th Annual Meeting)

2-046 Runaway and Trafficked Youth: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

Wednesday, June 1, 2016: 1:15 PM-2:45 PM
Grand Ballroom A (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
Theme: Research, Policy and Practice
Symposium Organizer:
Tasha Perdue
Celia Williamson
SESSION INTRODUCTION: The goal of this symposium is to present findings from a retrospective study on the relationship between youth runaway behaviors and entrance into domestic minor sex trafficking. The symposium supports the conference themes of prevention science and emerging high-priority policy issues and HIV/AIDS prevention. The symposium brings together Ph.D. students under the guidance from a mentor well-established in this topical area. The researchers represent diverse institutions across the United States and are active researchers in this area.

The first paper, “Risk for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking among Runaway Youth” reports descriptive information on experiences of running away among study participants. This paper highlights the need for more prevention and intervention for runaway youth.

The second paper, “Understanding Runaway Youth Experiences Involved in the Sex Trade” provides participants with information on runaway risk factors and the association between trafficked youth. While many youth may runaway this paper identifies risk factors for youth who may be at greater risk of being trafficked.

The third paper, “The Relationship Between Running Away, Survival Sex and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking” explores the relationship and impact of survival sex on the outcome of being trafficked. Engaging in survival sex is the strongest predictor of being trafficked.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the discussant will provide summary statements and initiate a discussion between the presenters and the symposium attendees. Findings from the current study have strong implications for prevention strategies with youth at-risk of trafficking. It is anticipated that the discussion of risk factors for runaway youth, combined with information on the runaway experience and the connection to survival sex, will provide participants with knowledge and strategies to prevent and intervene in domestic child sex trafficking

* noted as presenting author
Risks for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Among Runaway Youth
Lisa Fedina, MSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Understanding Runaway Youth Experiences Involved in the Sex Trade
Celia Williamson, PhD, University of Toledo